vevi is your city's transport!

Avoid traffic jams and get to the desired point of the city with pleasure.

All you need is an application - and you can go!

Ukrainian sharing of electric scooters.

We work in Uzhhorod, Ternopil, Vinnytsia, Khust, Volochysk/Podvolochysk, Kamianets-Podilskyi
  • The price of unlocking is UAH 9
  • The price per minute is 2.99
  • The price of a pause is UAH 1
  • The price of the armor is UAH 1
● 1

The start of the trip

Download the application and find a free scooter on the map. If you are not ready to go now - make a reservation.

Safety is our number one priority, which is why we've established some rules of conduct that will protect you and the people around you.

● 2

Unlock using the app

Use the vevi app to unlock your e-scooter and start riding!

● 3

Scan and pay

Scan the QR code on the steering wheel, or enter the code of the selected scooter.

If the payment has been completed, push off with one foot and press the gas lever to the right of the steering wheel.

● 4

Park correctly

Park your electric scooter without obstructing the passage of pedestrians and cars - the surrounding community will appreciate it.

● 5

Enjoy the ride!

Just find a scooter nearby, register in our service and go!

Do you have any questions?

Slow down and shift your body weight back. If the obstacle is serious, don't be too lazy to stop the traffic, raise the scooter, for example, to the curb, and continue the trip. The scooter and our team of Mechanics will say "thank you".
Ride in pairs, threes, fours...), get on the side of a scooter, transport bulky cargo.
If you have scratched the scooter or caused some other minor damage to it - report it to our support at so that we can quickly figure it out, and you - not to be nervous one more time because of this misunderstanding.

No. This is very dangerous. High risk of losing control and falling off the scooter.

The steering wheel of the scooter is very sensitive to movements. The presence of any load on one of the handles will sooner or later lead to a fall. The only possible arrangement of personal belongings is in a backpack behind the back and on the condition that the total weight with the rider does not exceed 100 kg.

You can try if you find a way to implement this idea, but we are not sure that it will be safe for you and your pet.

Call us at +380 (95) 637 25 40. After that, we will find out the circumstances of the event and understand how to live with it.

Unfortunately, you cannot charge it yourself. Leave it to us.

The main thing is that you are comfortable and stable, but if you are only taking the first steps - we recommend that you get on the scooter only in the most comfortable shoes.

A couple of minutes of time, a bank card and a clear conscience.

Those that interfere with the use of the scooter, or any damage to the structure of the scooter, deformations, cracks, torn parts of the scooter.

If you have caused serious damage to the scooter, which makes it difficult or impossible to use it - immediately report it to our support at so that we can deal with everything.

The zone within which you can use the electric scooter is indicated on the map in the application.

Yellow zone - if you park your scooter in this zone, we will give you back 5 hryvnias as a bonus! It is profitable.

Green zone - the most convenient for trips, you can ride and park your scooter here. The main thing is that he does not disturb anyone.

Blue zone - it is forbidden to end the trip in this zone.

Red zone - unfortunately, it is forbidden to ride in this zone. If you enter this zone for more than 200 m, the scooter will make a characteristic sound, you will receive a notification in the application and you will have 1 minute to leave this zone, after 1 minute the scooter will turn off and your account will be charged a fine of 50 UAH.