1. Lease payments, fines and other payments provided for in this Agreement shall be made by non-acceptance debiting of funds from the Lessee’s wallet in the “Vevi” application in accordance with the Lessor’s tariffs.

2. The Lessee replenishes the personal wallet by redirecting to the site of the payment system, where the Lessee enters the data of his valid bank card, and fulfills other requirements for replenishing the personal wallet in the “Vevi” service.

3. Upon acceptance of this Offer, the Lessee expresses its unconditional consent to the non-acceptance debiting of funds from the personal wallet in the “Vevi” service, which are rent payments, fines and other payments provided for in this Agreement.

4. For the use of an electric scooter, the Lessee pays the Landlord rent in accordance with the tariffs specified in the Mobile Application “Vevi” and on the Landlord’s website;

5. VAT is not charged on the Landlord’s services, as he is not registered as a VAT payer.

6. Write-off of funds for the use of the electric scooter is carried out immediately after the termination of the use of the electric scooter (after the end of the trip).

7. In case of illegal debiting of funds from the Lessee’s wallet in the application “Vevi”, the latter has the right to contact the Landlord at the phone numbers (contacts) listed on the website Vevi (, to return such funds. Each application of the Lessee is considered by the Lessor within 3 days. To resolve the issue of return of illegally written off funds, the Landlord has the right to make calls and send notifications to the Lessee in order to obtain the necessary information.

8. In case the Landlord charges the Lessee a penalty (s), in the absence of sufficient funds in the Lessee’s wallet, the Landlord has the right to send an invoice for the relevant amount of the penalty to the Lessee’s e-mail address and / or mobile phone number.

9. In the event that the lessee is on the move and the balance of the wallet is insufficient to continue the lease, we reserve the right to replenish the wallet for the minimum amount of the package from the tied bank card by non-acceptance debit. This will allow you to continue the trip, not to stop and not to spend time replenishing the balance.

10. If the employer wants to return the funds that are in his internal wallet of the vevi application, the employer must write a request to, indicate the name, surname, phone number and the amount to be returned. Such an application is considered for 3 days, and the funds will be returned within the period set by the lessee’s bank.
Vevi reserves the right to return only the entire transaction, if the client began to use the funds of this transaction, the balance can not be returned.

11. The price of renting a scooter is indicated in the app. The tariff can change during promotions and will be displayed in the vevi application in the “Scooter Unlock” window.
The price in 2022 is UAH 10 for unlocking, UAH 2.99 for a minute, UAH 0.5 for a pause, UAH 0.5 for a reservation

12. After adding the bank card details to the wallet, a test payment will be made in the Vevi Scooters application. UAH 1.00 will be deducted from the card to check the tenant’s solvency and card activity. After the test payment, the funds in the amount of UAH 1.00 will be immediately returned to the tenant’s card.