VEVI rules and conditions for the use of electric vehicles

Valid from 01.05.2021

1. General conditions

1.1 These Terms of Use apply to your use of electric scooters (scooters) (hereinafter “Electric Transport”); our mobile application for access and use of electric vehicles (“Application”); and other related services, such as sharing, fee collection, maintenance, receipt of electric vehicles and similar services (“Related Services”) provided by Us (“Electric Transport, Application and Related Services” are collectively referred to as “Services”). This document has legal force and is equivalent to the contract signed by the parties and is considered concluded from the moment when the User accepts its terms.

In order to receive services for the use of electric vehicles, you must first read these terms, privacy policy and terms of the public offer, which are posted in the application and on the website The fact that you use the Application is considered your acceptance of all these conditions.

1.2 The following documents are binding and are incorporated by reference into this Agreement:

1.2.1 the rules for the operation of electric vehicles set out in Annex A to this Agreement (the “Travel Rules”);

1.2.2 safety rules relating to the use of electric vehicles set out in the Annex and, as the case may be, in the Annex on safety equipment (“Safety Rules”);

1.2.3 the schedule of fees and tariffs specified in the Annex and on the website, any other information regarding the price, rules, which is displayed in the Annex and on the website, related to Basic travel and Prepaid travel (as defined in paragraph 4.1 of the Terms), any valid terms of use of the Promo Code and any instructions, manuals (including, if necessary, instructions for the operation of electric vehicles), and any other instructions and guidelines displayed in the Annex; and

1.2.4 other terms relating to the business and product referred to in this Agreement, including descriptions of services, policies and notices, including the Privacy Policy (“Privacy Policy”), which is set out in the Annex or at: and will be used in accordance with the processing of your personal data in connection with the use of the Services;

1.2.5 additional conditions for a specific country or city (“Service Area”) applicable in the area in which the trip is made.

1.3 As Our Services evolve, We may make changes to these Terms at any time. The changes take effect from the moment of publication of the amended Agreement or its additional conditions in the Appendix or on our website. The basis for continuing to use the Services after such placement is your consent to the binding nature of the Agreement as amended. We reserve the right to notify you of changes via the App, contact information from your Account, or in any other reasonable manner.

2. Use of the Application

2.1 Services are provided exclusively through the Appendix. The application allows people who need to move in the city to find Elektrotransport by exchanging information about their location.

2.2 To use the Services, you must install the Application and register a user account (“Account”). During the installation of the program, your mobile phone number will be associated with your Account and added to our database.

2.3 In the event of any problems with the operation of Our Application, we strive to correct them as soon as possible, but you confirm that the functionality of the program may be limited due to occasional technical errors, and We cannot guarantee unlimited smooth operation of the program in anytime. We are not liable for any damages incurred due to the fact that the Application does not function or cannot be used as desired.

2.4 Subject to your terms of this Agreement, We provide you with a limited, non-exclusive, non-sublicensable, revocable, non-transferable license to access and use the Application on your personal device, valid solely in connection with your use of the Services.

3. Legitimacy of users and their Accounts

3.1 You have the right to use the Services if:

3.1.1 You have an Account;

3.1.2 You are familiar with these terms, privacy policy and the terms of the public offer, which are posted in the application and on the website;

3.1.3 Your Account is linked to a valid credit or debit payment card or other payment method supported by the Application (“Selected Payment Method”);

3.1.4 You are at least 18 years old and you have the legal right to drive electric vehicles in accordance with the legislation on the minimum age for the use of available types of electric vehicles in your Service Area, as well as meet other legal requirements for persons operating electric vehicles. If the law requires a driver’s license, liability insurance policy and / or other requirements, you must monitor and comply with such changes in the law yourself.

3.1.5 You are physically healthy and have the necessary skills and knowledge to safely and competently use, drive and operate electric vehicles.

3.2 When creating and using your Account, you:

3.2.1 agree to use only your real name, exact personal information and payment card information to create an Account and to constantly update this information in the event of its change;

3.2.2 agree that you may be asked to provide an identity document in the form of a photograph of your driver’s license or other document issued by the competent identity authority to obtain or maintain access to the Services;

3.2.3 is responsible for the access, control and security of your Account and is responsible for: username and password to your account; all actions performed under your profile, including, but not limited to, activation (unlocking), use, deactivation (completion of the trip) and proper parking of electric vehicles in accordance with this Agreement and, as the case may be, in the permitted parking area, or inability to do so , except when you have reported the misuse of your account in accordance with clause 3.2.4 of the Agreement, we may assume that any person using your username and password is authorized to do so by you;

3.2.4 agree to notify us immediately if you become aware of any unauthorized access to or use of your Account, or any other situation that may result in loss of control of your Account;

3.2.5 agree that We have the right to suspend or disable your Account to the extent necessary to ensure the lawful use of the Application, including, without limitation, to prevent fraud, risk assessment, investigation and customer support; ensuring your compliance with this Agreement; compliance with current legislation or a decision of a court, law enforcement or other administrative body or public authority; or in such other cases as may be specified in this Agreement or in its sole discretion;

3.2.6 you agree that We may send you text (SMS), push messages and emails related to the Services.

4. Use of electric vehicles

4.1 By unlocking an electric vehicle through the Appendix, you agree to rent an electric vehicle on a condition of payment upon travel (“Basic Travel”) or through a prepaid package (“Prepaid Travel”), in accordance with the terms of this Agreement and the applicable Tariff Grid. during the lease term.

4.2 Each time you unlock the electric vehicle and start the trip, you declare and guarantee that you have read and understood:

4.2.1 All applicable traffic rules;

4.2.2 The travel rules set out in Annex A;

4.2.3 Safety rules;

4.2.4 The terms and conditions of your liability applicable in the Service Area, and

4.2.5 Conditions of legality listed in sections 3.1 and confirm their implementation.

4.3 By unlocking the electric vehicle you agree and undertake:

4.3.1 that the electric vehicle and any equipment attached to it always remains our property and that you have no right to dismantle, modify, repair, destroy or damage the electric vehicle or any equipment attached to it in any way;

4.3.2 use electric vehicles in accordance with this Agreement, including the Travel Rules, Safety Rules, any instructions, recommendations, directions, notices, guidelines and recommendations displayed in the Annex, as well as the terms and conditions for your respective Service Area;

4.3.3 not allow other persons to use electric vehicles unlocked by you;

4.3.4 take full responsibility for the operation of the electric vehicle during the lease and return the electric vehicle in the same condition in which it was leased to the permitted parking lot in accordance with local legislation, type of electric vehicle and parking instructions specified in the appendix (“Permitted parking area ”). If the electric vehicle is returned damaged or in poor condition, you will be charged a fee equal to the cost of repair.

4.4 If the electric vehicle runs out of charge during the rental, you stop the trip in accordance with the instructions of the Annex and the terms of this Agreement and park the electric vehicle in the Permitted parking area.

4.5 You must notify us of any road accident, accident, damage, damage, theft or loss of electric vehicles in accordance with Section 10.1 as soon as this incident occurs. If the incident involves damage, property damage or theft of an electric vehicle, you must report it to the local police department within 24 hours and notify us immediately.

5. Payment and fees

5.1 You may use our Services at Basic or Prepaid Travel rates, if available. You will be charged for the use of electric vehicles and services in accordance with our Tariff Grid specified on the website type of electric transport. Each use of the electric vehicle starts when you press the “Unlock” button (or the equivalent button in the appendix) and ends when you press the “End Travel” (or the equivalent button in the appendix). Our fees and other fees may be subject to appropriate taxes and other local government fees that may be collected by Us.

5.2 In some Service Areas, you may be able to purchase Services through Prepaid Travel. The Terms and Conditions of Pricing applicable to Prepaid Travel will be displayed in the Appendix, which you should read and accept before purchasing, and will contain a description of the restrictions of Prepaid Travel. Restrictions may include a daily time limit, the number of unlocks, or daily travel restrictions. Prepaid passes cannot be used with promotional offers, gifts or other discounts. Purchasing prepaid travel does not guarantee the availability of the Services. Prepaid terms expire on the expiration date specified at the time of purchase, in the appropriate price conditions.

5.3 You have the legal right to cancel the Prepaid Travel within 14 days from the date of purchase without explaining the reasons. If you wish to cancel the Prepaid Travel, you may (i) use the standard withdrawal form provided in Annex B, or (ii) make any other unequivocal statement setting out your decision to cancel the Prepaid Travel by contacting us accordingly. to section 10.1.

5.4 If you activate Prepaid Travel within the 14-day period after withdrawal after purchasing Prepaid Travel (this means that you expressly request that the Services begin to be provided from that date and before the end of the cancellation period), then you expressly waive your right to refuse . If you exercise your right of cancellation within 14 days, in accordance with the above conditions, you will be entitled to a refund in proportion to the restrictions of the Prepaid Travel you have purchased and used until termination.

5.5 We may issue promotional coupons or codes under any additional conditions set for the relevant promotional code (“Promotional Codes”). We reserve the right to change or cancel Promo Codes at any time in our sole discretion. We may suspend or revoke the Promo Codes and your use of the Application at any time if we have reason to believe that the use or redemption of the Promo Code (s) has been erroneous, fraudulent, illegal or in violation of the Terms of the Promo Code or of this Agreement.

5.6 You agree to pay any fines, fees, charges and / or any other fees incurred by Us arising from your use of any electric vehicle, your electric vehicle parking (for example, outside the Permitted Parking Area) or as a result of a violation You make any law, rules, regulations or regulations while using the Services, in accordance with the terms of the Public Agreement.

5.7 All amounts and payments made to us will be charged at the expense of your chosen method of payment. If you are unable to recover from these payment methods, other recovery procedures may apply. You agree to reimburse all of Our costs for recovery, including without limitation reasonable legal fees, in the event of your non-payment of arrears due to Us.

5.8 You can pay for the Services using the selected payment method, which requires prior activation in the Application. You allow us to charge, through your chosen method of payment associated with your Account, all fees and taxes you incur under this Agreement. Such fees and charges may be subject to applicable taxes, which we may charge additionally.

5.9 We and our contractors support payment through the Appendix, provide assistance and resolve disputes related to payment through the Appendix. If you are challenging any transactions we have charged with your chosen payment method, you must contact us in accordance with Section 10.1 within 10 business days.

5.10 For payments by credit and debit payment card We may charge a service fee for each payment attached to each service order. The service fee is charged for the service of Visa / Mastercard payment systems. The amount of the service fee is displayed in the Appendix. Your bank may charge additional fees for using your credit or debit card, which are not reflected in the Appendix. Please note that after booking the electric vehicle, we will automatically pre-authorize the amount from your credit card to confirm payment.

5.11 You agree to notify us immediately of any changes to your chosen payment method associated with your Account that may impair our ability to charge you under this Agreement.

6. Responsibility

6.1 You acknowledge and agree that you use the Services, electric vehicles and related equipment at your personal and individual risk, and that we are not responsible for any consequences, claims, claims, causes of damages, damages, obligations, injuries, fees , costs and charges, penalties, court fees or any payments, foreseeable or unforeseen, and known or unknown, that you or a third party may incur as a result of your use of the Services. You fully understand the following risks by acknowledging that:

6.1.1 traveling by electric transport involves many obvious and non-obvious risks and dangers that can lead to injury or death for you or others, as well as property damage, and that such risks and dangers cannot always be predicted or can be avoided;

6.1.2 electric transport is a product that may not work, even if properly serviced and in the event of a malfunction can lead to injury; and

6.1.3 Wearing a helmet, reflective clothing in the dark and other protective equipment and strict adherence to traffic rules, travel rules and this Agreement are important to reduce your risk of injury and risk of injury to others.

6.2 If your use of any of the Services causes any harm or injury to yourself, another person or property, you are solely responsible for any consequences, claims, causes of action, damages, obligations, injuries, fees, costs , fines, court fees, court decisions, lawsuits or payments of any kind, foreseeable or unforeseen, known or unknown. If your conduct forces us to pay third party claims, you are fully liable to us and agree to reimburse us for any damages incurred by us in the payment of these claims by third parties.

6.3 We reserve the right to offer a liability insurance contract (“Coverage”) in some or all areas of service to insure, subject to limitations and exceptions to insurance coverage, the liability you bear in connection with a third party injury or accidental damage to third party property resulting from your use of electric vehicles. If you have not paid the insurance coverage, you understand and acknowledge that you are responsible for any costs incurred by you to a third party, including, without limitation, the cost of ambulance services, hospital stays and medical treatment.

6.4 All Services, including electric vehicles and related equipment, are provided “AS IS” and “AS AVAILABLE”. To the fullest extent permitted by law, We exclude and waive any warranties, conditions of any kind, whether express, implied or imposed by any applicable law. We do not represent or warrant that any of the Services, electric vehicles or related equipment will be properly repaired or in a fault-free condition, or that delays, omissions, interruptions or inaccuracies will occur with respect to any of the Services, electric vehicles or related equipment. In particular, We disclaim responsibility and make no representations, warranties, endorsements or promises, express or implied, as to whether:

6.4.1 information (including any instructions in the Annex) concerning the Services, accurate, complete, correct, adequate, useful, timely or reliable;

6.4.2 any defects or errors in the Services will be modified or corrected;

6.4.3 services will be available at any specific time or in the Service Area; and

6.4.4 your lawful use of the Services in any Service Area.

6.5 All related terms and guarantees of any type in relation to the Services are set forth to the maximum extent permitted by law. Nothing in this Agreement excludes, limits or modifies any warranties, obligations, terms or conditions, rights or remedies provided or imposed by any applicable law which may not be lawfully excluded, limited or modified.

6.6 any warranty, condition, obligation or term is provided or imposed by any applicable law applicable and cannot be excluded (“Non-Excluded Provisions”), and We are unable to limit your right to protection from violation of the Non-Excluded Provisions, then Our liability for violation of the Non-Excluded Provisions is limited exclusively (as permitted by law) to one of the options offered by us below:

6.6.1 in respect of goods, the replacement of goods or the supply of equivalent goods, the repair of goods, the payment of costs for the replacement of goods or the purchase of equivalent goods or the payment of costs for the repair of goods; or

6.6.2 in relation to services, re-provision of services or payment of costs for re-provision of services.

6.7 In no event shall our total liability for any claims arising out of this Agreement, including claims based on tort or otherwise, exceed the hryvnia equivalent of EUR 500 (five hundred) or the amount of fees paid to us during the period. the lease during which the incident, accident or event giving rise to the claim occurred, whichever is lower, whichever option is less expensive.

6.8 Neither We nor You shall be liable for damages or delays or disruptions resulting from circumstances beyond the control of a third party, including, without limitation, natural disasters or acts of God, earthquakes, fires, floods, war , terrorism, civil, industrial or military disturbance, sabotage, labor strike or blockade, pandemic, epidemic, riot, loss or malfunction of utilities or communications services, cyberattack, court order, acts of civil or military authority, or state, judicial or regulatory actions.

6.9 To the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, neither We nor any of our affiliates, agents, directors or employees shall be liable for any loss or damage you may incur as a result of this Agreement or in connection with hereby, or as a result of the use of the Application, including but not limited to:

6.9.1 any direct or indirect property damage or monetary loss;

6.9.2 loss of profit or expected savings;

6.9.3 loss of business, contracts, agreements, legal capacity, reputation and any other losses that may arise as a result of the termination of the business;

6.9.4 loss or inaccuracy of data; or

6.9.5 any other type of loss or damage.

7. User Information

7.1 You acknowledge that any text, images or other information you provide to Us while using the Services (“User Information”) will comply with the Terms of Use as set forth below in Section 10.

7.2 We do not claim ownership of the User Information, and the ownership will remain with you and any third party whose Information you have included in your Information. You grant us a worldwide, non-exclusive, free and perpetual license to use, copy, reproduce, distribute, adapt, reformat, modify, publish, translate, license, re-license and use the User Information anywhere and in any form with for the purpose of providing the Services (including, where applicable, when providing other users with the opportunity to view User Information).

7.3 You must ensure that you can grant us the above license for any information belonging to a third party that you include in the User Information.

7.4 Our right to use the User Information does not in any way affect your privacy rights. Please read our Privacy Policy for information on how We use your personal information.

7.5 We have the right to track any User Information and to reject, deny or delete any User Information if we believe that it violates any of the rules of permissible use.

8. Rules of permissible use

8.1 In addition to the other requirements of this Agreement, this section describes the specific rules that apply to your use of the Annex (the “Rules of Permissible Use”). 8.2 When using the Application you must not:

8.2.1 circumvent, disable or otherwise interfere with any functions related to the security of the application of the Annex;

8.2.2 allow another person to use the Application on your behalf;

8.2.3 use the Application if We have suspended or prohibited you from using it;

8.2.4 advocate, promote or participate in any illegal or unlawful act or act that harms or harms any person or their property;

8.2.5 modify, interfere with, intercept, disrupt or hack the Appendix;

8.2.6 misuse the Application by intentionally introducing viruses, Trojans, worms, logic bombs or other materials that may harm the Application or any user of the Application;

8.2.7 collect any data from the Annex, other than those specified in accordance with this Agreement;

8.2.8 provide or transmit any User Information that contains nudity or violence or is offensive, threatening, obscene, misleading, untrue or degrading;

8.2.9 provide or make any User Information that does not belong to you or may not be used by you or that otherwise infringes the copyrights, trademarks or other rights of third parties;

8.2.10 use the Information in violation of any license terms specified by the owner;

8.2.11 provide or transmit any information or comments about another person without the permission of that person;

8.2.12 threaten, abuse or interfere with the privacy of third parties, cause irritation, inconvenience or undue concern or disturb, upset, embarrass or irritate any person;

8.2.13 use any automated system, including unlimited, “robots”, “spiders” or “stand-alone readers” to access the Application in such a way as to send more messages requesting the Application than a person can logically perform during equivalent period of time; or

8.2.14 other actions that are considered inappropriate for the use of the Annex.

8.3 Failure to comply with the Rules of Permissible Use is a material breach of this Agreement and may result in:

8.3.1 immediate temporary or permanent waiver of your right to use the Application;

8.3.2 immediate temporary or permanent deletion of any of your Information;

8.3.3 warnings;

8.3.4 a lawsuit against you, including a claim for reimbursement of all costs (including, but not limited to, reasonable administrative and legal costs) incurred as a result of the violation; and

8.3.5 disclosure of such information to law enforcement agencies as we reasonably deem necessary.

9. Settlement of disputes

9.1 This Agreement is governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Ukraine.

9.2 Your obligations may be governed by the laws of Ukraine, including the Civil Code of Ukraine, the Law of Ukraine “On Road Traffic”, the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine “On Traffic Rules” and other laws and bylaws and acts of local governments applicable in Service Area (“Local Laws”), and you agree to abide by any such Local Laws.

9.3 Both we and you unconditionally and unconditionally submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of Ukraine and waive any right to object to the violation of any court proceedings in these courts on the grounds of their incompetence or incompetence.

10. Final provisions

10.1 Information and any other communications in connection with this Agreement or the Services shall be provided through the Application, sent by e-mail to support@v or communicated through the customer support channels available on our website.

10.2 You agree that this Agreement and all agreements included in it may be automatically assigned by us at our personal and absolute discretion.

10.3 In the event of a conflict or conflict between the General Terms and Conditions and the terms and conditions applicable to your Service Area, the provisions and conditions of the Service Area shall prevail.


Rules of travel – Electric transport

1 Security check

1.1 You are responsible for a thorough safety check before using an electric vehicle, which includes, without limitation, the following:

(A) good frame condition;

(B) good condition of the wheels (ie the wheels are not flat and not clogged with debris or dirt);

(B) safe operation of the brakes;

(D) sufficient battery power;

(Ґ) the signal (call) of the electric vehicle works;

(D) lights and reflectors are in good working order if you are going to ride an electric vehicle in the dark;

(E) the electric vehicle does not show any signs of damage, unusual or excessive wear, or other mechanical problems or maintenance; and

(E) comply with the instructions, in particular the Safety Rules, provided to you in the Annex.

1.2 Throughout the trip, you must constantly ensure that the electric vehicle and its operation meet the above safety requirements. If at any time while driving you find a safety violation or notice any other potentially dangerous defect, condition or threat, you must immediately stop driving electric vehicles, when it is safe, and notify in accordance with Section 10.1 of the Agreement.

2 Road safety

2.1 You must always drive an electric vehicle and drive it safely and only in the permitted sections of the road network. When using, driving or operating an electric vehicle you must:

(A) comply with all applicable traffic laws and regulations;

(B) follow safety instructions;

(B) use protective equipment in accordance with the recommendations and requirements of the above laws, regulations and instructions, as well as when reasonably necessary to reduce the risk of injury (eg helmet, safety cushions and appropriate footwear);

(D) do not drive electric vehicles under the influence of alcohol, drugs, medications or other substances that may impair your ability to drive electric vehicles safely;

(Ґ) adhere to speed limits and adjust speed according to the situation, taking into account your driving experience, road conditions, road and electric vehicle condition, weather conditions, traffic density and other traffic conditions so that you can stop electric vehicles without encountering any obstacles , which is or may be on the road and including not harm to life and health of other road users.

(E) do not use mobile phones, tablets, laptops, text messaging devices, music players or other devices that may distract you from safe driving;

(E) not to drive electric vehicles on a dirt road, on water (outside normal city driving), or in any place where it is prohibited, illegal or inconvenient for others or endangers the serviceability of electric vehicles;

(E) do not use electric vehicles for racing, competition, mountain riding, tricks, stunts, etc .;

(F) not to drive electric vehicles on highways and roads with limited traffic;

(C) not to drive electric vehicles against the direction of traffic;

(I) not to drive electric vehicles on sections of streets intended exclusively for pedestrians;

(J) not to go beyond the permitted area specified in the Annex;

(K) not to drive in bad or dangerous weather or road conditions, including snow, hail, ice, snowfall, icy rain or electric storms, which may cause electric driving to be dangerous;

(L) not to exceed the maximum permissible weight (100 kg or 220 lbs) established for the journey by electric vehicle;

(M) not to carry an additional person (persons);

(H) do not carry any items (such as briefcases, backpacks, bags, and / or other items) if they may interfere with your safe driving; and

(O) Drive electric vehicles in light clothing so that other road users can easily spot you.

3 Parking

3.1 You must:

(A) not park electric vehicles in a manner that may violate any local laws;

(B) not obstruct the road, obstruct traffic or excessively obstruct sidewalks;

(C) park the electric vehicle in a visible position and standing so that other users can also use the electric vehicle without hindrance;

(D) follow the parking instructions set out in the Annex and, if possible, park electric vehicles in a designated and permitted parking space;

(Ґ) notify any electric vehicle that is not parked in the permitted parking area while using the Services by notifying us in accordance with Section 10.1 or using the appropriate feature in the Annex.


Feedback form

To FOP Zhulkanych Viktor Oleksandrovych (Ukraine, 89421, Zakarpattia region, Uzhhorod district, Storozhnytsia village, Peremohy Street, 111A building, ): I would like to inform you that I am withdrawing from my contract for granting the following service: purchase of a prepaid admission to use the Services. Ordered: [to be filled in by user] Name of user (s): [to be filled in by user] Address of user (s): [to be filled in by user] Signature of user (s): (only when providing paper form), Date: [to be filled in by user]